Without any configuration, the basic robot example can be displayed in the viewer. This robot is simply two geometric components with a single prismatic joint.

Basic Robot

To display the basic Niryo and the Burger robot, a ROS environment needs to be configured accordingly in order for the viewer to locate the necessary mesh files, see Tutorial for Configuring ROS Environment.

The following packages are required:

  • ros-noetic-urdf-tutorial

  • ros-noetic-turtlebot3-description

Basic Niryo

Burger Robot

Similarly, Ned, Spot and the T12 robot use robot description ROS packages to store their respective mesh files. These packages will need to be installed locally and the ROS environment configured correctly (source <workspace>/devel/setup.bash) so that these packages can be accessed.

  • ned_description

  • spot_description

  • t12_description

Ned Robot

Spot Dog

T12 Robot